Plant-Based Protein Bars Powering Potential

Life has evolved, food hasn’t. Protein Puck is a whole food, plant-based energy company built around empowerment. Our mission is to fuel human beings to be a little bit better in the passions they pursue each day. That’s why we smashed together an amalgamation of the world’s healthiest ingredients to create a delicious, frictionless fuel for people with a full plate. We power possibility by feeding the potential in you—nourishing your brain, body and soul with clean, ethically-sourced food. Seeing people take risks, find their greater purpose in life and reach their potential is our greatest gratification.

Trial Pack (4 - 3.25oz Bars)

Trial Pack (4 - 3.25oz Bars)

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Plant-Based Energy Bars Real, Simple Ingredients

Protein Pucks are formulated with real, simple ingredients. In fact, we only use 15 across our entire product lineup. We don’t use processed foods, protein powders or isolates. Everything is natural. We believe less is more.

Mini Pucks

A mini plant-based protein bar spark plug to ignite your potential.

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