Supporting food banks affected by COVID-19

Donate Protein Puck Bars to local Food banks

Food Banks that provide daily meals for low income population are in crisis right now as a direct result of the Covid-19 virus.   

We launched the"Give-a-Puck" Initiative, by allocating a significant portion of our production capacity for direct distribution of Protein Pucks to food banks, at cost and taking no profit.  With your help, for every dollar you donate, we'll donate a Puck to local food banks. We're already donating pallets ourselves and hope you'll make a small donation.   

Thank you for your generosity and with your help and working together, we will get through this situation.

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The healthiest protein snack foods have simple ingredients. That's why Protein Puck's nutritional information is always easy to read. Whether it's peanut butter, almond butter, oats, coconut or dark chocolate, you've probably heard of, and can pronounce, every ingredient contained in our delicious Pucks.

Small, Energy-packed and delicious!

Intrducing the new mini puck

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In 2013, Dave & Brande Tawney set out to make the best protein bar on the planet for the active lifestyle -- the perfect on-the-go fuel for adventurers, sportsman, and athletes.

 Made with simple, natural ingredients and containing high levels of nutritious plant-based protein, high fiber, and low sugar, Protein Pucks are designed to keep you energized & satisfied, ready to take on anything the day throws at you.

Protein Pucks are perfect for both meal-replacement bars or snacks.

The ultimate adventure bar

In 2013, we set out to create a Nutrition Bar that Pushed the Limits of what's possible for a healthy bar.

The result was a Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO bar that is so unique, it’s actually less of a bar and more of a Puck. Pucks defy all other bars, because they are designed to “fill you up” with whole food ingredients while never compromising on taste.

Try a Puck, and discover why people everywhere are calling it the best bar they’ve ever tasted. Enjoy!


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