Food Banks that provide daily meals for low income population are in crisis right now as a direct result of the Covid-19 virus. Because of empty grocery shelves and other food disruptions, local food bank inventories nationwide are dangerously low - it's vital that communities act quickly to shore up food supplies. Protein Puck, through it's "Give-A-Puck" initiative, is stepping in now and allocating a significant portion of our production capacity for direct distribution of Protein Pucks to food banks, at cost and taking no profit. To kick it off, we have already donated pallets of product ourselves, and now we need your hlep. For every dollar you donate, we will donate a Puck to local food banks. If you #GiveAPuck, please help where you can. Thank you for your generosity and with your help and working together, we will emerge from this better and stronger than before. 

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