It all began in Spokane, Washington, where Dave Tawney and his wife, Brande, decided that they were tired of feeding protein bars to their kids that had limited nutritional value and ingredients that couldn't be pronounced.

One day, they decided to bake their first-ever batch of bars. Gathering the best ingredients they could find, Dave and Brande popped a batch into the oven and stamped their bars into the iconic "Puck" shape we know and love today.

At that time, Dave and Brande never expected their "Pucks" to be anything more than a family recipe. But that changed when their friends started calling to ask about the delicious "protein pucks" in their kids' lunches. It wasn't long before so many people began asking for their delicious, whole food & vegan protein pucks, that they couldn't keep up.

That's when the Tawney's realized they had struck a chord in the market and had a duty to give the people what they were demanding!  Protein Puck quickly became a full blown company, and people couldn't get enough. Before long, Pucks were seen in every coffee shop in Spokane. Athletes and Outdoorsman fell particularly in love with the whole food ingredients. Organically, Protein Puck grew into a premier product for the active lifestyle.

Today, Protein Puck is a leading Whole Food Nutrition Bar company with 4 delicious flavors found all across the western United States. Dave is still the man in charge, with a dedicated team helping to get his pucks to everyone who seeks a better-for-you bar!