Protein Puck

"The Maverick Mini" (Cocoa, Cashew, Cinnamon) (1.34oz Bars)

"The Maverick Mini" (Cocoa, Cashew, Cinnamon) flavor by Protein Puck is a delicious blend of some of your favorite whole-food ingredients. With this bar, we are including more functional nutrition ingredients (cocoa and cinnamon) as we strive to always improve on our value offering.  Hopefully, you enjoy! "The Maverick Mini" is available in either a 12-pack or a 30-pack, and each bar is loaded with energy-rich, high fiber, low sugar deliciousness. At 1.34oz each, the Mini Protein Puck is the best vegan and gluten-free protein bar for a light snack before a workout, during work, or on an outdoor adventure.

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